How the Bible Led Me to Islam?!

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Title: How the Bible Led Me to Islam?!
Language: English
The Lecturer: Joshua Evans
Short Discription: A very interesting video about the former Christian Youth Minister Joshua Evans who converted to Islam after studying a lot of religions as: Christianity and Buddhism. Evans shows issues made him leave Christianity and embrace Islam such as: the contradictions in the Bible, the pornographic phrases in it and verses which offend some of Allah’s Prophets considered the best creation. These verses make them in the worst images. Also, Evans mentions a proof that confirms Jesus isn’t a God. Finally he tells that in the beginning of his research, he excluded Islam from studying due to writings of an orientalist about Islam.
Addition Date: 2011-12-13
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Translation of Subject Description: Arabic - Malayalam - Afar - Amharic - Portuguese
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How the Bible Led Me to Islam?!
How the Bible Led Me to Islam?!
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