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Title: Joshua Evans
Short Discription: In his own words: "I was raised by my grandparents in Greenville, South Carolina in a very strict Methodist home. In my teenage years, I became very involved in the church and was studying at a small Bible college in my hometown with the intention of eventually enrolling in Bob Jones University. I was learning to read the Bible in Hebrew and Greek and was very interested in textual criticism of the Bible. It was during these years of intense Bible study that I read the Bible cover to cover a half a dozen times. In doing so, I realized there were many inconsistencies and contradictions not only in the text but in the message preached by Jesus himself and what I had been taught all my life based on the writings of Paul. I then realized the Bible was not the inerrant Word of God as I had always been taught. I eventually left Christianity and searched for the truth about God elsewhere. I studied every religion from Judaism to Buddhism, Wicca to Bushido. While many religions had certain truths to them, they had major flaws I could not accept. And none gave me the absolute tangible proof I was looking for. All praise is due to God, one day I found myself talking with a young Muslim who invited me to Jumu’ah, the Friday service and congregational prayer. When I saw the Muslims praying, bowing and prostrating with their heads on the floor, all the verses of the Bible describing the prayer of the prophets came flooding back to me. I asked for a copy of the Quran, read it from cover to cover in three days, found my tangible proof, and the rest (as they say) is history." Joshua currently works as a full time caller to Islam and has traveled extensively conducting dawah workshops and calling people to Islam. He has studied under numerous teachers in the U.S. and Egypt.
Addition Date: 2009-12-23
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