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How I converted to Islam?
The boy, Victor ( Abdul Khaliq ) Brazilian tells us the story of his conversion to Islam at the age of fifteen years.
Story of Yusuf Estes Islam
This visual material reveal to us the story of the famous preacher Yusuf Islam Estes, which shows us how he and his family entered the religion of Islam.
Story of Islam of former priest
Former priest speaks about his conversion to Islam.
The Mercy of the Prophet peace be upon him with animals
A video on the definition of the Prophet peace be upon him. This section shows the mercy of Prophet peace be upon him with animal.
Islam a religion of moderation
Friday sermon: God made ​​this religion compromise between religion and other religions, and to make this nation a compromise between the other nations, and that this has a special feature, so it is must upon this nation to be a compromise in all its affairs.
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