Waleed Basyouni

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Title: Waleed Basyouni
Short Discription: Shaykh Waleed Basyouni is a frequent guest speaker at universities, conventions, radio talk shows, television, interfaith meetings, and community centers nationally and internationally. He is also a member of the North American Imam Federation (NAIF), Assembly of Muslim Jurists of America (AMJA)-Fatwa and Research Committee, Director of Texas Dawah Convention, and Advisor to numerous Islamic societies/organizations around the US. Shaykh Waleed Basyouni graduated with a Bachelor in Islamic Sciences from al-Imam Muhammad University, KSA; did his Masters in Islamic Theology, World Religions and Modern Religious Sects from al-Imam Muhammad University; and acquired a doctorate in Theology. He is also an instructor at the American Open University in Alexandria, VA, USA, and serves as the Imam of Clear Lake Islamic Center, Houston, TX, USA. Shaykh Waleed has ijaazahs in reciting the Holy Quran and in several books of Hadeeth, awarded by various scholars. He studied under great scholars such as Shaykh Ibn Baaz, Abdul-Razzaaq ’Afify and others. Shaykh Waleed is the latest addition to al-Maghrib Institute’s faculty of instructors. He teaches Rays of Faith: Fundamentals of Faith 201 and Torch Bearers: Scholars of Islam.
Addition Date: 2006-03-16
Short Link: http://IslamHouse.com/7951
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