Our Prophet Muhammed Peace Be Upon Him

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Title: Our Prophet Muhammed Peace Be Upon Him
Language: Uyghur
Authorship: Ibrahim Sarjam - Sawase Kamal Yazgej - Soki Qara Bolot
Translation: A. Majeed
Reviewing: N. Tamkeni
Publisher: www.munber.org - Munber Website In Uyghur - www.munber.org - Translation Center Uighur Website
Short Discription: ’’Our Prophet Muhammed Peace Be Upon Him’’ is a simple book for children about the life of the prophet,his family,his birth,his life before the prophecy,his manners,his patience and other things concerning his life.
Addition Date: 2008-02-13
Short Link: http://IslamHouse.com/76345
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Translation of Subject Description: Uyghur - Arabic - Bosnian - Thai - Bengali - Malayalam - Uzbek
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