What Is The True Religion?

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Title: What Is The True Religion?
Language: Hindi
Authorship: Abdullah Bin AbdulAziz Al-Eidan
Translation: Ata’a Alrahman Deya’a Allah
Reviewing: Jalaluddin al-Umari - Sadeq Ahmad
Publisher: Islamic Propagation Office in Rabwah
Short Discription: About the definition of religion,its types and the need of humanity to it.In addition to the characteristics of the Islamic creed,its justice,the truth of Islam in all the aspects of life and the sources of Islamic legislation and the five pillars of Islam.
Addition Date: 2008-02-07
Short Link: http://IslamHouse.com/75774
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Translation of Subject Description: Hindi - Arabic - Thai - Bosnian - Bengali - Malayalam - Uzbek
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