Forty Nawawi Hadith

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Title: Forty Nawawi Hadith
Language: Spanish
Authorship: Abu Zakaria Al-Nawawi
Translation: Muhammad Eisa Qarsyiah
Short Discription: The Explanation Of The Forty Nawawi Hadith by the imam Nawawi may Allaah has mercy upon him is a famous text including forty two hadith of omitted chain of reporters in different fields of knowledge.Each hadith is considered a great base of the bases of religion so each desirous of the hereafter should know them as they include important matters and draw attention to all worships

Addition Date: 2008-01-24
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Los Cuarenta Hadices
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En este libro, el Sheij An-Nawawi menciona Hadices fundamentales del Profeta Muhammad que sientan importantes bases en el campo de la doctrina, los ritos de adoración y el comportamiento social que ningún musulmán debería ignorar.

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