Fatawa Concerning Taraweeh

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Title: Fatawa Concerning Taraweeh
Language: English
Iftaa: Abdul Aziz bin Abdullah bin Baz
Short Discription: Fatwa Concerning Taraweeh: Is a collection of Q&A pertaining to Taraweeh prayer, since the lack of understanding of what is permissible in the Taraweeh and what is not, the prayer may even become a matter of tension, differences become apparent and views are expressed.
Addition Date: 2007-09-22
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Fatwa Concerning Taraweeh
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1. Number of raka’aat in Taraaweeh.
2. Varying the number of raka’aat.
3. Praying eleven rak’ah behind an Imaam who prays twenty-three.
4. Going to different masaajid seeking a nice voice.
5. Traveling to different masaajid every night.
6. Completing the entire Qur’aan in Taraaweeh.
7. The Prophet revising the Qur’aan with Jibreel.
8. Reciting a fixed amount of Qur’aan in every rak’ah.
9. Paying consideration to the weak and the old.
10. General principle in deciding its length.
11. The Taraaweeh and the Qiyaam, and its lengthening in the last ten days.
12. The Imaam holding a mushaf in the prayer.
13. The congregation carrying a mushaf.
14. Weeping in a loud voice.
15. Repeating verses dealing with mercy or punishment.
16. Repeating the verses describing Allah.
17. Weeping in supplication and not in the Qur’aan.
18. Forcing oneself to cry in Taraaweeh.
19. Reciting the Qur’aan melodiously.
20. The shortest time allowed to complete the Qur’aan.
21. The Imaam charging a fee.
22. Recitation in the last three rak’ah.
23. Supplicating after completing the Qur’aan.
24. When to supplicate upon completing the Qur’aan.
25. Particular supplication recited upon its completion.
26. Traveling to different masaajid in its regard.
27. Traveling to Makkah or Madinah in its regard.
28. Supplication of the Qunoot in witr and Fajr.
29. Raising the hands in the Qunoot.
30. How to begin the Qunoot.
31. Supplicating with other than what was reported.
32. Supplicating in a rhyming way, and lengthening the description of al-Jannah or an-Naar.
33. Changing the wording of the supplications.
34. Performing another rak’ah when the Imaam pronounces tasleem in the witr.
35. The Imaam appointing another person to lead.
36. The Imaam pausing after Surah al-Faatihah.
37. Joining the Taraaweeh with the niyyah of praying ‘Ishaa.
38. Reciting the Qur’aan and praying superogatory prayer.
39. Reciting and listening to the Qur’aan.

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