Islamic Perspective on Sex

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Title: Islamic Perspective on Sex
Language: English
Authorship: AbdulRahman Bin Abdulkarim Al-Sheha
Translation: Abdur-Rahman Murad
Reviewing: Osama Emara
Publisher: Islamic Propagation Office in Rabwah
Short Discription: The author said in his introduction, "Islam acknowledges the fact that one’s sexual desire has to be satisfied. It considers fulfilling this desire a praiseworthy matter, as long as it is done within Shari’ah limits. It is not disdainful to satisfy this desire, nor should it be neglected." He also said, "In this booklet we will discuss the Islamic method of satisfying sexual desire, and how it can be transformed from a base desire into an act of worship through which a Muslim receives reward."
Addition Date: 2012-02-08
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