Etiquettes of a Muslim on Friday

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Title: Etiquettes of a Muslim on Friday
Language: English
Reviewing: Muhammad AbdulRaoof
Short Discription: Many people are unaware of what the etiquette of a Muslim on Friday should be and most are unaware of its significance. Most do not consider the Friday Prayer as obligatory, hence they miss it intentionally. Many people in Islamic countries are on holiday on this day, so then spend their time sleeping, or in other activities that cause them to neglect the Friday prayer altogether. They do not realise the significance of the Friday Prayer and its sermon, and they come to the mosque according to their own wishes and desire. Most of them are unaware of what is required from a Muslim before or after the Friday Prayer. It is with these concerns in mind that this book has been written.
Addition Date: 2010-09-29
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Etiquettes of a Muslim on Friday
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