Rights and duties in islam

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Title: Rights and duties in islam
Language: English
Authorship: Muhammad ibn Saleh al-Othaimeen
Publisher: Ministry of Islamic Affairs, Endowments, Da‘wah and Guidance
Short Discription: this book cite that the qualities of Allah’s Legislation, it preserves justice
and gives everyone his right, without any excess or
failure. Allah ordained justice, mercy and generosity
towards relatives and He also sent the prophets,
revealed the Books and carried out everything in this
world and in the hereafter with justice. Justice consists in giving to each individual the
right and in placing him on the rank he deserves,
which can only be obtained by knowing everyone’s
rights. That is why we chose to speak about the
essential of these rights so that the servant can then
put into practice what he will have learnt within the
limits of his capabilities.
These rights can be resumed as:
1. The rights of Allah
2. The rights of the Prophet()
3. The rights of the parents
4. The rights of the children
5. The rights of relatives
6. The rights of spouses
7. The rights of the governors and the
8. The rights of the neighbours
9. The rights of Muslims in general
10. The rights of non-muslims.
These are the rights we briefly want to talk about
in this work
Addition Date: 2018-10-23
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Translation of Subject Description: Arabic
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