Islam Its Foundations and Concepts

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Title: Islam Its Foundations and Concepts
Language: English
Authorship: Muhammad ibn Abdullah as-Saheem
Translation: AbdulRafe Adyoyl Emam
Publisher: - Islamic Library Website
Short Discription: The author said in the introduction, “I write this book to invite people to the religion of Allaah … I briefly explained herein the story of the creation of the Universe, the creation of man and how he was favoured by sending Messengers to him and situation of past religions. I afterwards made an introduction to Islaam as per its meaning and pillars. So, whoever is looking for guidance will find its evidences therein, whoever is looking for salvation may find that I have explained the way to it in this book, whoever desires to follow the track of the Prophets, Messengers and righteous people will find their path herein while those who turn away from their way only befools themselves and take to the straying path. It is a matter of fact that adherents of each religion call others to it and believe that truth only abide in their religion … Thousands of those who embraced Islaam have testified that they did not know real life until after they embraced Islaam and that they did never tasted happiness except under the shade of Islaam. Since it is a fact that every human being looks for happiness, peace of mind and truth, I prepare this work to help them achieve that. I pray that Allaah makes this work purely for His sake and let it be well-accepted and make it one of those righteous deeds that will benefit its doer in this world and the next.”
Addition Date: 2009-11-27
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