Contradictions To Islam

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Title: Contradictions To Islam
Language: Spanish
Authorship: Muhammad Bin Abdul Wahhab
Translation: Eisa Rojes
Reviewing: Muhammad Eisa Qarsyiah
Publisher: Islamic Propagation Office in Rabwah
Short Discription: Allah has obliged on his slaves entering islam and warned them from things contradicting it.And he sent His messenger to call to these and He told us that the one who follows him is guided to the right and the one who turns away from His orders has gone astray.And in lot of ayahs He warned us of apostasy,disbelief and polytheism.The
person may apostatize from his religion
by a lot of contradictions which make his
blood and money lawful and is considered as an apostate
Addition Date: 2008-01-24
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Actos de Apostasía
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Detailed Description
Los actos de apostasía en el Islam invalidan la fe y las obras. Este conocimiento es muy importante para todo musulmán para que se aleje y se prevenga de ellos, porque el musulmán si no sabe acerca de estos actos se teme que pueda incurrir en una falta muy peligrosa anulando su Islam y renegando de él.
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