Legitimate Forbiddings Of Women

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Title: Legitimate Forbiddings Of Women
Language: Indonesian
The Lecturer: Yazed AbdulQader Jawas
Publisher: Cooperative Office for Propagation, Guidance, and Warning of Expatriates in the city of Shaqra
Short Discription: We listen in this audio material to the obligation of the surrendering to the rulings of Allah in the quran and the authentic sunnah.The lecturer mentioned some of the forbiddings that a lot of men and women tumbled into polytheism and going to predictors and magicians.Then he mentioned special forbiddings for women as Allah has cursed the women who do tattoos and those who have this done, the women who pluck eyebrows and those who have this done, and the women who file their teeth and change the creation of Allaah and those showing their beauty.Then he mentioned the conditions of attire of the muslim woman in islam.
Addition Date: 2007-12-27
Short Link: http://IslamHouse.com/69802
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