Hell: a vision from within

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Title: Hell: a vision from within
Language: English
Authorship: Abdur-Rahman Abdul-Khaliq
Publisher: www.salafi.net - Salafi Website
Short Discription: Allah has granted humankind certain span of life in this world and with it the ability to think and then decide their course in this life. After that, everyone will die and be buried. Then all of Allah’s creation will be brought back to life on the Day of Judgment. Those who did well on the earth will be rewarded with Heaven/Paradise, but those who were unfortunate (i.e., the wrongdoers) will be sent to Hell. Heaven is the abode of enjoyment, which Allah prepared for the righteous and Hell is the abode for penalty or torment, which He set up for the disbelievers. This book shows Hell from inside based on the authentic Hadeeths.
Addition Date: 2007-08-19
Short Link: http://IslamHouse.com/51811
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