A Gift to the Barailwis

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Title: A Gift to the Barailwis
Language: English
Authorship: Ali Hasan Khan
Reviewing: Muhammad AbdulRaoof
Short Discription: I have compiled this small booklet in order to show to Bralwis laymen that the great scholars of this community oppose the creed of Ahmad Raza Khan. But as Brawlis scholars have put hatred in the hearts of their followers towards the Ahle-sunnah wal jamaa, if I was to translate myself quotes of scholars, Brawlis would not read it. That is why, in this booklet, I have only gathered sayings of scholars as translated and published by Sufis themselves, so Brawlis cannot say these Sufis translators are liars.
Addition Date: 2013-05-24
Short Link: http://IslamHouse.com/426526
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Translation of Subject Description: Arabic - Telugu
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A Gift to the Barailwis
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