Fiqh of Fasting

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Title: Fiqh of Fasting
Language: English
Authorship: Bilal Philips
Reviewing: Muhammad AbdulRaoof
Short Discription: The prescribed book for the course is Subulus-Salaam by the 17th century Yemenite scholar Muhammad ibn Ismaa‘eel as-San‘aanee which is a commentary on Buloogh al-Maraam written by Haafiz Ibn Hajar al- ‘Asqalaanee. In Buloogh the author gathered the majority of the hadeeths which are commonly used as the basic evidences for the Islamic legal system. The course material is comprised of the Chapter on Fasting (Kitaab as-Siyaam) from Subulus-Salaam.
Addition Date: 2010-08-24
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Translation of Subject Description: Arabic
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Fiqh of Fasting
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