The first name: Allah (2)

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Title: The first name: Allah (2)
Language: English
Short Discription: In this episode, Shaikh Abu Ameenah resumes his speech about the supplications and adhkaar which begin with Basmalah or saying Allahummah. Afterwards he mentions some supplications which protect the Muslim from the devils and shows that we have to abide by the Prophet’s way concerning this issue and not to listen to other’s thoughts and experiments such as treating the possessed with beating or other methods which are not stated in the Quraan nor the Sunnah. He also confirms that not all what the Muslim suffers are stemmed from the devils or envy, but it maybe due to physiological reasons. So the Muslim ought not to always think that he is possessed or envied.
Addition Date: 2009-06-13
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Translation of Subject Description: Arabic
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The first name: Allah (2)
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