A guide for the new Muslim

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Title: A guide for the new Muslim
Language: English
Authorship: Jamaal Zarabozo
Short Discription: This is a gift for all the new Muslims who currently know the right path to Allah. This is a means to strength and preserve their belief. In this book Sheikh Jamaal al-Din Zarabozo shows the fruits of becoming a Muslim, the excellent features of Islam and all aspects of Islam. Sheikh Jamaal illustrates the pillars of faith on which one’s belief is based and the pillars of Islam which contain the best practical deeds (e.g. prayer) and the best deeds of the heart i.e. the monotheism. As Islam is a social religion, Sheikh explains the Muslim’s behavior towards all individuals in the society, old or young, whether they embrace Islam or not. Afterwards he puts up some notice about both of the permissible and prohibited financial dealings. He also mentions the factors which increase the one’s belief and help the Muslim to abide by Allah’s commands. He refers to the obstacles (e.g. lust, misconception and ignorance) in the path of the Muslims prevent him from continuing his way to Allah. He also shows the prerequisites of the sincere repentance which is between the person and his God without a mediator. Finally, he gives a word for the new Muslim.
Addition Date: 2009-03-03
Short Link: http://IslamHouse.com/193813
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